COHORT REPORT: A Depiction of Intelligent Women and Love for Modern Times

Pictured: Amanda Collins and Vichet Chum. Photo by Meghan Moore.

Wow! First Preview (November 28) of Miss Bennett: Christmas at Pemberly was packed! The theater was sold out! The crowd laughed and responded throughout, followed by a long standing ovation with hoots and hollers.

The play is a period piece filled with drama, quips, humor and sensitivity with an eight-person cast that truly delivers. Each of the actors embody their characters with zest and believability. The Washington Post calls it “A comic play that is a gift for Jane Austen fans.”

The play is a follow-up to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice set two years after the novel ends. The story continues with bookish middle-sister Mary as its unlikely heroine. As the middle sister, Mary has lost her place in the world and yearns for a meaningful life of her own. She is the boring one who likes to play the pianoforte and read alone. Mary grows discontent of her role as the dutiful middle sister in the face of her sisters’ romantic relationships. When the family gathers for Christmas at her sister’s residence at Pemberley, an unexpected, equally awkwardly bookish gentleman gives Mary hope that she, too, may find love while maintaining her independence.

It is a depiction of intelligent women and love for modern times. Young and old will relish the story of love and family gathering. The set design is beautiful complete with library, piano and giant Christmas tree! The period costumes are a delight and plentiful!

MRT is consistently putting out great theater! If you haven’t been in a while, do yourself a favor and take in this play! It will lift your spirits for the holidays and give hope for love for everyone.

Congratulations Merrimack Repertory Theatre! Congratulations to all involved in the making of Miss Bennett: Christmas at Pemberly!


–Lorraine Cassista, Cohort




Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley runs November 28 – December 23



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