COHORT REPORT: The Villain’s Supper Club

KAPOW!  The last MRT production of the season is a smash!

The Villains’ Supper Club, directed by Sean Danielsexplodes with fast-moving humor on a dynamo set of light, sound, and illustrations designed by nationally recognized illustrators. Creative names and costumes BURST with color, attitude, and confidence that reflect the comic-book characters they portray.

We meet women of contrast – Galactic Girl, the last superhero on earth, returning to work to control the city from the dastardly villains (Fibian Frog, Lee Leopard, Damian Dart) and her demanding boss Ms. Calientewho has no patience with working moms. The Boss, a most dastardly enemy on pink roller skates, loves The Flame but does not want a baby – OR does she?

This is a premier production by playwright Lila Rose Kaplanan advocate for working moms based on her own experiences.  The artistic fight scenes are incredibly staged with creative sound and lights in dance motion by Fight Director, Angie Jepson.

The charactersmove in the smooth dance motion when engaging with each other or battling. During the fight scenes, a crew dressed in black wearing masks move across the stage in dance motion as part of the scene, almost without being seen.  With each slam, BAM! The lights and sound go with the motion. It is incredible reflective theatre.

There are many complex issues of profession and parity throughout the performance.

We see Galactic Girl in a phone booth, where a meek man once enhanced his super powers.  Is there a greater power than providing nourishment for a newborn while forced into seclusion to get it done! Galactic Girl is trying to be the “best new mom” all the while returning to work, with pumps hanging from her breasts and trying to reach her pediatrician at the same time, all while wearing her cape! Of course, that is the way it’s done for super, working moms!

As Galactic Girl accomplishes her working-hero, super-mom tasks, while taking out the villainswe meet the Villain-Dad (no identity spoiler) becoming aware of his paternity. Watch the Galactic GirlWoman changes. YIKES! Social and family dynamics of a newborn evolve!

–Gail Gauthier, Cohort



The Villains’ Supper Club runs April 25 – May 20


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