“SPECIAL TALENTS” by Terri Munson

As a cohort, I never know what to expect when I arrive at a rehearsal. I was in for a special treat yesterday when I watched them work on the tent bit. It was over-the-top funny. As they were trying out different moves, the actors made comments comparing the effect of the moving tent to:
  • Mummenschanz
  • A giant emoji
  • A huge pet cage that you put under your seat in an airplane–with an unhappy cat inside

Actress Gail Rastorfer, who plays Liz, remarked that she can now add “tent sex choreography” to her list of special talents. Director Sean Daniels commented that this scene alone is worth the price of admission.

-Terri Munson, Cohort

SPECIAL ALERT! When I went to purchase tickets, I noticed that they are going fast. DOn’t miss out on the opportunity to laugh out loud and have a blast at Women in Jeopardy!

Photo by Arup Malakar, creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
Women in Jeopardy! runs February 15 – March 12. http://www.mrt.org/Jeopardy

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