ARTISTS IN THE DESERT: Making “The Making of a Great Moment”

(Left to Right): Actors Aysan Celik and Danny Scheie, Director Sean Daniels, and Playwright Peter Nachtrieb


In the summer of 2016, Director Sean Daniels, Playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, and Actors Danny Scheie and Aysan Celik spent ten days in a workshop at NYU Abu Dhabi, making The Making of a Great Moment—and having some great moments of their own.





Says playwright Nachtrieb,

“I started with about 80 pages of raw material with a general idea of what was happening, and I wrote a lot of new material there. We also did a lot of just hanging out, and me trying to soak in the natural rhythms and cadence of Danny and Aysan, the way they talk to each other. We went out in the Liwa Desert and hiked up dunes and took a camel ride and stayed at this desert resort. It was a great bonding experience for the four of us, and I was often jotting down notes of funny things that were said. A lot of those utterances have made it into the play.”






great moment image
The Making of a Great Moment runs January 4 – 29.



Where is Abu Dhabi, anyway?

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