This is MRT’s ghost light:

MRT’s ghost light on the set for Abigail/1702, design by James J. Fenton


It’s a simple white light bulb, inside a metal cage, sitting on top of a pole, and it stays on whenever there’s no one in the theatre.

So why do we need it?

It depends on which MRT staff person you ask. Some will tell you it keeps mischievous spirits from entering the building.

Others will tell you the spirits are already inside – but the ghost light appeases them, keeping them content so they don’t wreak havoc on a show. Some will even tell you the spirits are those of actors past, always in need of a stage to play on; the ghost light gives them the light they need to perform when the living actors are not around.

And still other staff members will tell you the ghost light is for safety concerns, so that any person who needs to enter the theatre unexpectedly will not trip over scenery or fall off the stage.

We’ll let you decide what the real story is. Happy Halloween!

Veronika Duerr uses the ghost light in “45 Plays for 45 Presidents.”



On the set of Abigail/1702, design by James J. Fenton

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