SO MANY DETAILS by Geoff Bryant


cast w young company
The cast of 45 Plays for 45 Presidents presents a workshop with MRT’s Young Company

I am glad that I was there yesterday when Sean said today would be the one big day with Wendy. I know nothing about dance, so it sounded like something to definitely drop in on.     And so I did.

Once again, I am impressed with the talent and quick learning of the cast. Wendy showed them a number of steps (I think she called them 90s rap, but could be wrong).

The cast picks up the details so fast. I’ll be interested to see what carries forward.   So many details they must remember and so little time.

There was also a group of young folks who dropped in. They watched for awhile and then had a chat with the cast. The cast had comments that ring so true about work life.

I spent 30 years in software engineering and now a few in non-profit management. The cast comments were along the lines of sometimes it’s just a job and sometimes it’s a great collaboration (which they say is what Sean and Wendy provide), but the key thing is that they love what they do. I’ve always phrased it to young folks as you’ll be working so much of your life and for so many hours each week, that you really should find a job you love so you’ll be happy rather than miserable. They also talked alluded to the challenge of always looking for work. A consultant’s life they live.

Today was also much more comfortable. After saying hi to a couple of folks at the end of the day yesterday, I didn’t feel like such an intruder into their work space. They were able to say hi and that makes it  a much more enjoyable experience.

-Geoff Bryant, Cohort

(Cast of 45 Plays: Aaron Muñoz, Nael Nacer, Veronika Duerr, Celina Dean, and Terrell Donnell Sledge)


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