“45 PLAYS” EARLY REHEARSALS, by Geoff Bryant

I came over to the MRT and someone brought me down to the rehearsal hall and let me in the back door. Having no real clue about being a cohort, I stepped in and found a seat and quietly watched. I’m sure I will get more comfortable, but it’s weird to walk into someone’s work space and sit down as a fly on the wall. Is it weird for the cast?

I am incredibly impressed with the talent of the cast.I haven’t (yet) read the script, so I have no clue about context. I kept thinking that this is day 3 of everyone working together and it looks like they’ve been together much, much longer. I also had a brief chat with Celine afterward – I asked if she had memorized the script beforehand, but she said not really because they were told they might play any of the roles at any time. So, the cast has a very short time to pull it all together and to remember so many lines and so much detail.

I was also impressed watching Celine and Muñoz choreograph one of the scenes. They came up with very fine details which I’m quite sure that somehow they will remember.

I can’t imagine remembering all that detail.

I was also impressed when they were working on the singing for a scene. They don’t seem to have music written out for them and yet 4 people sang completely together, made changes, and did it all together with the changes.

And that gets to a surprise for me. I expect the script and music to be there in full detail.

But if the script is detailed, clearly many changes are being made. I’ve read about that in the playbills for MRT plays I’ve been to, but it always seemed to me to have an element of sucking up to us in the audience that we have that much input and that changes happen. Watching Sean and others making the changes, I really believe it now. I was also interested to see that cast members contribute so many ideas – it’s not all in the hands of the director.

-Geoff Bryant, Cohort


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