This was an interesting experience. Seeing this readthrough, the play is going to be quite the labour of love, and work.  The dancing, singing, and inter-action with the audience will make for a quite involved production.  The changes of props will also be so… involved.  Better some young people with energy to devote to this production, I certainly hope lots of people appreciate the effort you are putting into this show.

Given Sean’s opening remarks, he tried to put into perspective the remark I so often hear that in the United States we get the government we deserve. I do see it as a ‘liberal’ thing to get people registered to vote.  While I see this in a noble light, the critical piece is that registering is necessary, but not sufficient to the process, actual voting is what is important.  As Edward Glasser pointed out, if we want a better democracy,  we need the most people possible voting, since this will move political positions to the middle. When voting is light, then only the radical people tend to vote and positions are moved to the extremes. Lets hope we have a high turn out, with a result that people are satisfied protects our liberties and security.

-Richard Pitkin, Cohort

45PlaysFor45Presidents 470x470

45 Plays for 45 Presidents runs September 7 – October 2.


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