Actors Announced for “45 Plays for 45 Presidents,” by Sean Daniels

45PlaysFor45Presidents 470x470

We’re a week away for starting rehearsals for our season opener, 45 Plays for 45 Presidents. The show where each President gets a 2 minute play, as we give you  the smartest (and fastest) civics lesson you’ve ever received.

Also, each night the audience will select how American history moves forward – so we’ll either close with a Hillary Clinton play or a Donald Trump play based on you audience response!

But before we get into how this hilarious and thoughtful pieces comes together, let’s talk about WHO is doing this play.

Meet our cast that will be portraying all 45 presidents and everyone else in their lives.

Straight of winning “Best Supporting Actress” from the Onstage Critics Award for her role in the world premiere Home of the Brave:


Veronika Duerr 250x300

Returning to us from being the lead in It’s a Wonderful Life, the show that broke box office records last year, it’s NAEL NACER

Nael Nacer Headshot web

Returning to us from one of the most talked about and exciting shows of last season (the world premiere of The Realness), it’s TERRELL DONNELL SLEDGE


(Learn more about Terrell here: )

Making his MRT debut, after appearing on ‘The Walking Dead’ and almost every stage across America, it’s AARON MUNOZ


(Learn more about Aaron here: )

Making her MRT debut, after performing at the Center Theatre Group in LA and being tour with her own band, it’s CELINA DEAN

celina dean

(Learn more about Celina here: )

I’ll write more about the design of the show next. Can’t wait to share it with you.

To learn more about 45 Plays for 45 Presidents, go to:

-Sean Daniels, Artistic Director


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