Veronika Duerr has the record for the most wigs worn onstage this season (two -in Home of the Brave, and It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play.)

Wonder how she makes her hair disappear underneath?

Veronika Duerr 250x300
Veronika Duerr

Wigs are really fun to wear for shows because they can instantly change how you look and feel. When we were figuring out Marianne, we tried on 3 wigs of different styles, texture, and color. The moment we put on #3, we knew we had found her. Marianne was instantly looking back at us in the mirror.

To “hide” my hair, I pin curl my whole head. To make a pin curl I twist the hair around two fingers, then slide it down your fingers and secure with bobby pins. The smaller and tighter your pin curls are, the flatter your hair will be to your head. But I make mine pretty big and loose cause I don’t want my scalp to feel tender afterwards.

Then I cover my head with a wig cap. (It looks like the foot end of a pair of pantyhose.) Then I use hair pins (different from bobby pins) to secure the cap.

veronika wigs 3

Because of it’s easy, short style, I’m able to flip this wig onto my head. And finally, I use big wig pins (different from bobby and hair pins) to secure the wig on my head by pushing the pins through the wig and wig cap and catching in the pin curls underneath.

veronika wigs 4
Veronika as Marianne in Home of the Brave. Photo by Meghan Moore.

When I take it all off after the show, I have crazy, curly, funky hair from the pin curls!

Home of the Brave
runs until May 15. Karen MacDonald, pictured.

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