From one comedy to the next (via Abu Dhabi)


abu dhabi map
Abu Dhabi

Just one day after the opening of Home of the Brave, the final world premiere of this season, Sean Daniels hopped on a plane to work on one of next season’s world premieres, The Making of a Great Moment.

This is not unusual – workshops happen all the time as a world premiere makes its way from a concept to a script ready for production.  What’s a little different this time is the location. Sean (who will direct the play) is headed to Abu Dhabi with playwright Peter Sinn Nactrieb, and actors Danny Scheie Aysan Celik.

aysan celik
Aysan Celik


danny scheie
Danny Scheie


Aysan is actually already there. She is on the faculty of NYU Abu Dhabi, which is covering the costs of this workshop in exchange for their students getting access to the process. In addition to witnessing the workshop, NYUAD students will get to take master classes taught by Sean, Peter, Danny, and Aysan, and get to watch Danny’s one-man show, which recently closed in San Francisco.

The four first worked together in 2011 and have been talking ever since about working together again. This time, they’re  writing a play specifically for Danny and Aysan to showcase their incredible talent. Finally, their plans are coming to fruition. The play that started as an idea five years ago and is coming together halfway around the world will make its premiere in Lowell next January.

Peter arrives in Abu Dhabi with a rough first draft of the play and will leave with a second draft that will be further refined at subsequent workshop (closer to home) in the fall.

According to Sean, “It’s exciting to see so many organizations from around the globe getting excited about what’s happening in Lowell, MA. To get to be a part of that, and work with three of the funniest people I know? A dream come true.”

Aysan added, “I will literally be entering a creative research lab with three of my comedy heroes.”

Also, the foursome will spend one night sleeping in the desert. Because when you’re working on a play about actors traveling around trying to make theatre, why not!

great moment image
The Making of a Great Moment
opens January 4, 2017

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