LAUREN GUNDERSON: Stories can tell the future if you let them.

Kayla Ferguson and Reggie D. White. Photo by Meghan Moore.

All production photos are taken from Lauren’s work.

“The power of a story is more profound in its telling than in its imagining.

That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of Sean’s first season. The courage to put forth new stories of people like us and far from us, in triumph and in tragedy, stories that encourage us and challenge us, is the true work of this art form.

There is a kind of sacred work in the theatre but it only matters when it’s shared. It’s not something we get to keep to ourselves, it’s not something that should look like anything we’ve seen before.

That’s where theatres like Merrimack come in, that’s where audiences like you come in, that’s where we all literally come in, sit together, and add to a story without our own wisdom and fear and history.


Theatre is something made by everyone who touches it.

So whether you’re watching a play about someone that reminds you of yourself, or someone you’ve never even imagined meeting before, you’re making the story more real and more necessary by your watching it.

Stories can tell the future if you let them.


A better world, a more just world, a world where we laugh at the bad guys (or ourselves) and cheer the impossible victors (or ourselves)? Theatre can give us those realities before they’re even realities.

So when Sean chooses stories that put women’s stories up front in a world that usually doesn’t; when he put artists of color and grace on stage in a country that usual assumes the worst of them, that give you the chance to laugh and hypocrisy and benevolence, both he and his audience are helping make that better world more real, even if it’s through fiction.

Stories are only powerful if they’re told.

Thank you for being a part of the telling.


Thank you for letting my story be a part of the lifted life we’re all crafting through big art, brave congregation, and a collective, soaring imagination at Merrimack Repertory Theatre.”

– Lauren Gunderson, Playwright,
I and You

Playwright Lauren Gunderson is photographed at the SF Playhouse inside the Kensington Hotel on Polk Street in San Francisco, Calif., on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014. Her new play

To learn more about I AND YOU, check it out at:


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