SUZANNE KEEFE: So THAT’S what a rehearsal report looks like.

 (Check out an eRehearsal Report Screenshotxample of a rehearsal report here!)

One of my reasons for joining the cohort program was pure cunning – a mother’s sly way of staying relevant in her teenager daughters’ theater world. When Rehearsal Report #1 arrived via email, I had my first in.

I was genuinely impressed by the report’s very detailed breakdown of a very complex craft. I excitedly brought my laptop over to interrupt my daughter’s homework, ready to talk shop. “Look — Injuries are at the top of the sheet. Apparently this is dangerous business.” “There are eleven different categories for reporting. Eleven!” “The breaks are documented down to the minute. Down to the minute!” “Look at how polite they are – ‘No notes today, thank you!’”

My daughter, who stage manages at a local youth theater, assured me that all production teams complete rehearsal reports and that they all look pretty similar. I felt a little deflated. Just how long had she been in the know? What else didn’t I know about her?

I have enjoyed the insider’s perspective that the daily rehearsal reports provide. No detail is too small to be noted – from the size of the pockets of Caroline’s outfit to the placement of the cat pictures. As the report template becomes populated with more and more information, the complexity of readying a play for the stage has become very real.

And tonight, on my way to bed, my daughter called me into her bedroom to show me a rehearsal report from the show she is working on. I am in.

-Suzanne Keefe, Cohort


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